The "BAG MAN" is an official of the Spanish State.

Spain is a country where it has always been very easy for a family to lose their children.

It is not that of women, nor that of transsexuals, nor that of immigrants. Undoubtedly, the most defenseless, vulnerable and sensitive group, but at the same time most important for the future and survival of a Society, is that of childhood. Their care and education is a fundamental strategic chapter for the survival of a State over time. For this reason, the perversions that the Spanish Political Class has lavished on this matter in recent decades could be described as HIGH-BETRAYAL.

Spain is a country where it has always been very easy for a family to lose their children. The fear of losing them is so great that a legendary fictional character named "the Man with the Sack" was generated who entered the houses and took the children. But in this article we are not going to talk to you about the more than 2,000 DISAPPEARANCES of minors that are reported each year (1,500 escapes and disappearances of children protected by the State in shelters, during the past year 2,019) or the 2,750 children who they are still missing today. On this matter we just want to highlight the strangeness that the mainstream media, from time to time, select one of these cases to make it a top-rated media show. It seems as if, doing so much deployment in a few cases and completely ignoring the others, his intention was to generate the false impression that there are very few.

What we are actually going to talk about is those children who are taken from their legitimate families by direct action or with the complicity of the Spanish State itself, which allow us to affirm that "the Man with the Sack is an official of the Spanish State".

Throughout the contemporary history of this country, 3 ways of presenting this phenomenon are identified:

CHILDREN STOLEN BY FRANCOISM, are about 30,000 children who were mentored by the Franco Regime during the immediate postwar period, because their parents had died or because they were imprisoned for belonging to the Republican side. To these were added those from the large operation for the repatriation of minors ordered by Franco, from whom they had been evacuated by their parents during the war (especially those sent to the Soviet Union) for whose recovery (or kidnapping, according to versions) clandestine operations were organized in foreign territory. But it was not until 2008, that the well-known judge Baltasar Garzón (later disqualified) changed the consideration of that operation of the Franco Regime to that of "not prescribed crime of illegal detention, with forced disappearance of people and abduction of minors from their parents ”Declaring it a crime against Humanity and urging the persecution and conviction of those responsible who, by the way, had already died in their entirety.

Around the decade of the 80s, already in the midst of Democracy, the phenomenon of STOLEN CHILDREN IN MATERNITY CLINICS developed. The phenomenon was widespread throughout the country, but the most famous case has been that of Dr. Eduardo Vela and Sister María Florencia Gómez Valbuena, gynecologist and religious of the order of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent Paul respectively. The collusion of public entities with the accused was always evident. For more than 15 years, Sor María had been accused on several occasions for the same crime, but it was not until early 2012 when a date was set for a trial that was not held, due to a death certificate that declared her deceased. Although many suspicions were raised when it was revealed that this certificate contained documentary falsehoods, it is very demonstrative that it was not even ordered to check if there was any corpse inside his grave. However, it was even more outrageous than the sentence that convicted Dr. Vela in October 2018, but acquitted him because his crime had prescribed. The associations of affected people such as add, number between 200,000 and 300,000 children stolen by this mechanism in the second half of the 20th century in Spain. I mean

Since then, and with the slightest suspicion, the increased availability of DNA tests for paternity tests easily exposed this type of child abduction, and its frequency was drastically reduced. But the abductions did not stop, because his disappearance gave way to a new form of "child theft" that could be carried out within the current legislation.

The Organic Law for the Legal Protection of Minors in 1996 greatly facilitated the legal removal of children from their parents by declaring the child in distress, the withdrawal of guardianship of the biological family and its attribution to Social Services on behalf of the State. The procedure was simplified, which is now carried out through a simple administrative resolution, issued by an official without judicial intervention.

This initiative was almost simultaneous throughout the European Union and was accompanied by a huge economic endowment, typical of the compassionate policies of rich countries that sought to present themselves as "socially advanced". From there, the declarations of helplessness multiplied exponentially. A large number of companies that operated under the format of foundations and NGOs, arranged their services with the Administration to attend to the care and education of that enormous number of children. Thus, a great business emerged in which only the chosen ones had the option for their “host companies” to get a slice of that cake.

If we assess the catastrophic results obtained with these children by the State, in terms of academic levels and social-labor integration upon reaching the age of majority (both in public and concerted centers) we can affirm that it has been a millionaire business for some, but a public money very badly used for the desired objective (to protect and educate) of which, curiously, the State has never bothered to ask for accounts.

Disguising the right to privacy and honor of the minor, that State Law also dealt with censoring all information about minors. This obscurantism reached its maximum expression in Spain after the prostitution case of foreign conservators (now called MENAS) at the Bar Arnie in Seville. After the emblematic case of the "Girls of Alcasser", this once again filled the front pages of the newspapers, but this time the lists full of names and surnames of famous and powerful people accused in those pedophile affairs were reflected. The cancellation of all the testimonies of the prostituted minors led to the collective acquittal of the accused, except for the Marqués de Sotohermoso (who pleaded guilty on his own initiative and still did not step in jail) and those of the owner and manager of the premises.

Since then, all the information on the frequent cases of sexual perversion with minors in custody have been censored and blocked, as well as the journalists who dared to disclose them have been discredited and persecuted. The cases of the television presenter Pepe Navarro (from “We crossed the Mississippi”) for the “Case Alcaser” or the journalist Josele Sánchez (The Tribune of Spain) for the one of “Bar Spain” serve as an example.

Because among those cases, it is worth noting the CASO BAR ESPAÑA, with more than 80 supervised children victims of rape and at least 6 infanticides, which involves such important figures in contemporary Spanish politics as a President of the Deputation of Castellón (Fabra) a President of the Valencian Autonomous Community (Camps) or a President of the Milan Soccer Club (Giuseppe Farina) and who has never been seriously investigated.

Only now, after years of work by many independent activists to overcome the information blockade, the mainstream media have wanted to echo one of those issues that have been occurring throughout this time, such as the massive prostitution of women. teenagers supervised by the State in places like Mallorca or La Rioja.

The phenomenon of child abduction, whether stolen or protected, always had a major impact on the poorest and most discriminated social strata, which in turn are the ones that maintain the highest reproductive rates. In the post-war era, there were many children because of the “Baby-boom”, so child trafficking represented a problem of violation of Human Rights at the individual level. However, when the current stage of the “Guardianships” began, we were already in the middle of the “Era of Well-being” and the collapse of the birth rate had already become a state problem. That change from “stealing” them to “guardianship” represented a notable increase in the total number of children abducted in the poorest social strata, therefore, the level of harassment of the “quarries” of birth in our country.

by Juan Mariano Perez Abad

Other News James Wahrburg

Noemi Moreno is a wonderful person and Spanish singer of 35 years who lives in Malaga, Noemi tells us when she was 3 and a half years old her father gave her a microphone and since then she started her devotion to music and learned to play the piano. Over the years, after a break, she resumed her musical life two years ago. Noemi is a great person with ethical and moral values that make that sweet and soft voice transmit to the bottom of our hearts and make our hair stand on end with a humility that few artists have today. A few months ago, her aunt Antonia Moreno, wife of Pepe Maldonado, the president of the national association for gypsy children, made a special request of him and she composed this song entitled LUCHA, dedicated to the families of the children in care. Noemi cried and empathized with her listeners, entering their hearts with the creation of this song and it is not for less with the situation that the children are having for the public institutions and the suffering that it brings to the children and the families, but this song transmits a lot of energy and hope of fight, giving encouragement to all the families that in one way or another have to fight against the institutions of the Spanish state that kidnap their children.

Lucha is an original song created by Noemi Moreno Barceló, and collaboration of Yamandu Padron Madrid who made the musical arrangements.

Thank you Noemi Moreno and Yamandu Padron for this great song, we wish with all our hearts, that this is the beginning of a great chain and that God gives us the opportunity to listen to you live from Miami, that this sweet voice, that transmits peace, tranquility and positive energy sounds around the world. God bless you.


What sounds in this house

the loss of a mother

that he's begging his kid to see,

Giant the condemnation for having been a mom

with lies broke his identity,

the door is closed the papers are accompanied

and hugging your child can't give.

Who took away your right to fight

families and siblings, go forward together





He fights for the family,

fight for the family

(I love you mommy)





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A 35-year-old gypsy father of four is murdered in the back when he was with his 7-year-old son who was also shot without injury.

From Camelamos, the first thing we want is to send our condolences to the family and friends of the murdered Roma in Rociana del Condado (Huelva)

This tragic event should have been accompanied by this headline but once more, we see in many media how the killer is laundered, how he is makes a personal profile to humanize him, feel sorry for him, and even we know that he was "a normal person", "that the farm was a hobby", that "he was a poor retired" and that "he was so quiet at home" Anti-gypsyism makes a bucket of beans worth more than the life of a father of family with 4 children, we saw how since the Coronavirus crisis the cases of anti-gypsyism are on the rise in social networks and media and yesterday this

anti-Gypsyism allowed and even encouraged reached its peak with this murder. For a bucket of beans.

This does not come out of the blue, there are many years in which the Public Administrations have allowed by action or omission that the Romany community is considered sub-human and therefore our life is worth less than that of animals.

A change is needed in the penal code that allows the condemnation of anti-Gypsyism as many other specific violations are already reflected, that the Prosecutor's Office acts ex officio in the face of comments in the media and that it does not come cheap to excuse the death because it was a "conflictive" person and the murderer was a "good man".

From the gypsy grassroots movements we are not going to be quiet and we are going to to fight so that this murder does not go unpunished.

We want to send a hug to an entire family who has seen him removed from a a loved one in a despicable way and that they know that we are here to accompany them in the fight for justice.

Opre Roma

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The tragic story of parents Marina and Adrian: "They took our children for no reason and we don't see them"

The story of these parents of two girls and a boy shows how, since 2013, they live in a completely strange situation. The children were taken to a shelter in Madrid and later to another centre in Arganda, where they last saw their children. The mother, Marina, explains that her children sometimes have "wounds".

They are Marina García Ferrero and Adrián Villarreal, parents who have not seen their children "for three years", as the mother tells how it begins in 2013 when one of her daughters, who was 4 years old at the time, was allegedly bullied at school. "Our daughter is starting to suffer from bullying. We found out about it because another father apologized to my husband because his son had kicked my daughter," explains this mother.

"We took her to a psychologist because she didn't want to go to school. The psychologist determines that she has to follow some guidelines to go back to school. When she returns, the only solution the school offers is to sit her down at recess and watch the children play," says Marina, who adds that "the psychologist talked to the principal and told her that this was counterproductive.

The psychologist talked to this mother about changing schools and in June 2013 the girl was already going to be changed. From that moment on, this long journey begins for Marina and Adrián who are trying to find all the legal ways to get their children back.

Then a social worker contacts Marina because of the problems her daughter was having at school. "Marina, what happened? The principal tells me you're complaining about bullying. What can I do," says the worker, "this mother says. "She and another psychologist who doesn't know us file a report. In it they ask for the withdrawal of the guardianship of my children to send them to a residence that does not fit the family. Something that we don't know about," says Marina.

Police at home

"In 2015 with my three children the case is taken to the Community of Madrid. It's all good. Private doctors, private security, everything," explains the parent, who indicates that, "suddenly, on June 30, 2015, my house bell rings. It's the local police. They want me to open the door. They came in from the countryside. They said they had to notify us of something."

So, Marina and Adrián decide to contact the Community of Madrid to see what is happening and they answer that "yes, yes, actually they have gone to notify something, now let's go, they said", details the mother. "In half an hour the technician appears and they declare that the children are in distress and that they (their parents) have to hand them over to a home. A two-year-old boy and two girls, ages 5 and 7," the mother stresses.

"From then on, a terrible harassment on the phone begins. We had to hand over the children ourselves," says Marina, also mentioning that "the law authorizes the public administration to declare a child helpless without going through a judge. Here comes the big problem and the big business. How can it not be dealt with through criminal proceedings? If it were real that I was being tried for it," explains Marina.

"In September, a precautionary measure is requested, all without giving us the file. There the judge decides to hold a hearing. And on November 11, 2015, in that hearing, it is shown that there is no helplessness. All without the file yet. But, without this judge's decision, on November 18 the GRUME (Minors' Group) police come to the house and say 'lady, put the children down or we'll go in by court order'", says the mother.

Garcia did not explain that situation to herself, she did not understand it, and this is something she points out to this newspaper, since according to her statements her case was "by the 79th Family Court and not the 85th where this order came from," she says. "They break into the house, they come in through the window. They force us to sit in the children's playroom. They take the baby out of the crib. My daughters were taken out with towels and wet hair because they were in the shower, as some of the neighbors told me later. And then they throw an '85 paper at us saying to notify the parties. It explains that there are 20 days to appeal, but we are not notified. Besides, the 85 should have inhibited the person who knows the case, which was the 79, which is not done. Therefore, the entry was illegal," argues Marina.

Children are moved from one center to another.

Marina's children are taken to a centre in Madrid. This centre has allegedly been denounced on several occasions. Detailed examples are those reported in the newspapers, such as ABC in its article of 20 February 2020 "Trial reopened against several guards at an orphanage for assaulting four young people years ago" or La Información in its article of 7 November 2016 "Fundación Raíces denounces abuse of minors at the shelter".

"The first time we saw our son he was limping and had yellow skin," says the mother, who, as a result of what she saw, "this is reported in Madrid's Criminal Court 15, which decided to notify the Centre that we had reported it. For this reason, "the children are sent to a centre in Arganda del Rey", although the mother, as she stresses for this newspaper, considers it "a prison with security guards. Children of 2, 5 and 7 years old... A child of 0 to 6 years old cannot enter there. It's horrible," details Marina.

At that time, as Marina explains, "we only had visitors for one hour a week. We would see my son with injuries inside the center in a room of 2x2 meters".

Marina and Adrian decided to take action, but "since we were filming and taking photos, the centre ended up taking away our visits by taking photos and videos of the children inside the place to take them to the criminal courts. They claimed a conflict of interest. Since our children wanted to come with us... they didn't listen to them," explains the mother who says that, shortly afterwards, "they took away our visits and then our calls. We only managed to see our son two and a half years ago, when he told us that his sister was sick and he didn't know about the other one. They refuse to give us proof of life, who they are with...", says Marina. "They have made us psychological and psychiatric reports, which say that we are perfectly fit. No addictions or anything. The Community of Madrid says that it is not valid because it is "on behalf of". They haven't done any studies. The Prosecutor's Office washes its hands of it," this mother declared.

This testimony is one more, like that of so many other parents who are crossing a desert in search of their children, who as they say "have been taken from them".

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Sometimes I think that countries that are focused on the race for power are investing in the wrong areas. They all want to have global military supremacy and for this they invest billions in that cause, however they do not realize that all that has changed. Now military power does not win battles, nor does it get you out of trouble. We are entering a higher stage of warfare, destroying souls with cold silence and purpose. Its name is biological warfare. No noise, but much more deadly than all the wars in the world. Hopefully we realize in time, that the world does not need battles, but understandings, it does not need fear, but altruistic thoughts.

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A statement released by Broadwater's lawyers said he was "relieved that she apologized."

Seabold's first autobiographical novel sold more than a million copies, which marked the beginning of her writing career.

In it, she described in detail how an 18-year-old student at Syracuse University in New York was raped.

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Tesla's page describes "cyber whistles" as "a premium collectible made from polished stainless steel."

The whistle is made in the form of a Cybertruck concept electric vehicle. The price for the product is set at $ 50.

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High-speed routes and the China-Laos line are among the eight Chinese lines scheduled to open in December

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Deutschlands Militär begrüßte am Donnerstag die Bundeskanzlerin AngelaMerkel, nur eine Woche bevor sie sich nach 16 Jahren im Amt aus der Politik zurückziehen soll


İstanbul'daki havaalanı uzaydır!

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